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Our restaurant

We offer restaurant service in cozy spaces in our farmhouse. We have two rooms, as well as a terrace, so that you can enjoy your meal in a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Our restaurant is exclusively available to guests during breakfast. However, dinners are open to the general public by prior reservation. Dinner service starts at 8 pm..

We have a menu of dishes that is updated every little bit, with a chosen selection of seasonal products, mainly from our orchards grown on our properties or from our livestock, thus obtaining 100% healthy and healthy food.

The other raw materials, of which we do not have in the farm, are bought in local markets whose products maintain a natural origin like ours.

  The menu


Products of the area, seasonal and our garden

    • Red fish puding                                    9,50€
    • Padrón peppers                                   9,50€
    • Vegetable stew                                  10,50€
    • Steamed mussels                                9,50€
    • Homemade croquettes                      9,50€
    • Fried squid                                            9,50€
    • Mixed salad                                          8,80€
    • Asturian chesse plate                       16,00€
    • Our cold meat plate                           18,00€
    • Onions bonito                                     10,80€
    • Garlic prawns                                      12,50€
    • Praws bread crumbs                         13,00€
    • Extremadura ham                              16,50€
    • Assortment of tortos (with ham, cheese and sweet quince                                      12,50€


Of our animals, raised in freedom Arredondo

  • Entrecot                                                18,00€
  • Asturian Veal Sirloin                           20,00€
  • Veal steack                                           10,60€
  • Escalopes on cabrales sauce           12,50€
  • Roast veal                                             12,00€
  • Homemade meat balls                        9,50€
  • Lamp chops                                         18,00€
  • Cordero al horno (2 pax)                   36,00€


Fresh and fish in the Cantabrian Sea

  • Stuffed sole                                                        16,50€
  • Fried cod                                                             12,50€
  • Hake in green sauce with prawns                 18,50€
  • Cantabrian fish (consutlt)                                18,00€


Homemade, made with raw material from the area

    • Rice with milk                                       5,00€
    • Homemade cheese cake                   6,50€
    • Lemon Mousse                                    5,00€
    • Chocolate Mousse                              5,00€
    • Ice cream cup                                      6,00€


Check wine list

  • White: Rueda y Albariño
  • Red: Rioja, Ribera, de Argentina (crianzas y reservas)



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